A woman with pink hair in heart shaped sunglasses and a gold top poses with her arms in the air in front of a white open air photo booth


An iPhone 11 showing a text from an In-House Photo Booth
An iPhone 11 showing an email from an In-House Photo Booth
An iPhone 11 showing a mine photo sharing website from an In-House Photo Booth
An iPhone 11 showing a photo from an In-House Photo Booth being shared on Instagram

Photo Booth Sharing Options Include:

Sharing is a big part of any online marketing campaign, and we provide you and your clients with all of the essential tools needed for photo sharing. (Hover the options below to see examples.)


Text Messages




Branded Microsite


Social Media

Proven Results

You can easily keep track of the results from every event from our advanced integration. We show you every event and what the client uses. We know how many times each photo, video, or GIF was viewed and where it was viewed.

Photo Booth Sharing Data and Analytics
A man shares his photo booth image from his iPhone

Content Collection & Distribution

Integrated Marketing Platform

We have built our own custom platform that will automatically take every email/phone number and put it into our system.

You can build surveys to send to people who use the booth, create a multi-sequence email/text campaigns, send coupons, and do virtually anything you can imagine to advertise. All of this is stored under one platform so when people respond via text or email you can answer all on one platform whether its on your phone in our custom app or a web browser.

The options are endless. You can create as many email/text campaigns as you want for whatever the specific event may be.